I am Mark, M.Rowe Decorating Services.

I moved from Devon to London in 1995 in my twenties, where I was apprenticed to a Master Decorator in the twilight of his career. He took me under his wing and mentored me in a direct hand on of his fifty years of experience of working in a traditionally skilled manner. This gave me an insight into the correct processes and a structured approach. It was also from him that I inherited my love of the work.

Now I have twenty five years of experience working nationally from Cornwall to London. I have a wide span of knowledge in all aspects of the trade. From interior/exterior and domestic and commercial decorating, to lining and wall paper hanging, and also mineral paints and chemical peeling. 

I specialize in rotten wood restoration using the repair care system, providing a comprehensive and long lasting solution.

I can also repair bath stone, render/plaster and tackle most cement work.

I love my job; the attention to detail gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction which I then hand on to my clients.

My working motto is;

‘There’s only one way to do a job, and that is properly’.